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What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is an intuitive email marketing solution for people of all skill levels. The key principle behind our solution is simplicity. We provide drag & drop content editors, simplified subscriber management and advanced automations that are easy to set up.

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Getting started

Don't have a MailerLite account? Create one for free! Not sure how to generate API key? Click to read the article.

Create an account

You need a MailerLite account to use our API. Sign up for a free account here.

Generate API key

This help article explains how to locate or generate your API key.

Frequently Asked Questions

MailerLite API

API V2 is the latest version of the MailerLite API. We released it on March 22nd, 2022 alongside the new version of MailerLite. Our API is RESTful and easy to integrate with.


What is the difference between V1 and V2?

API V1 was introduced with MailerLite Classic while API V2 was introduced with the new version of MailerLite.

Which account version I use?

Accounts created before March 22nd, 2022 use MailerLite Classic. Accounts created after March 22nd, 2022 use the new MailerLite.

Which API version shall I use?

MailerLite Classic account users can only use API V1. For new MailerLite accounts, you can use either API V2 or API V1.